MAXIMUM STRENGTH (70% Ethyl Alcohol) Hand Sanitizer in Re-Usable Applicator Bottle (pre-filled) 4 oz.


The MOST ADVANCED hand sanitizer bottle ever designed!

PRECISE DELIVERY TIP. Allows you complete control over the area & the amount of sanitizer used.

SANITIZE UNDER FINGERNAILS & other hard to reach bacteria/virus HOT-SPOTS.

MAX SEAL BOTTLE CAP. Prevents spills & excess evaporation of ethyl alcohol.

REFILLABLE & REUSABLE. After you use up the sanitizer, don’t throw the bottle away! Re-fill it and you are ready to go!

SMART SQUEEZE bottle design. No excess waste of sanitizer. Squeeze precisely the amount you need.

VIRAMAX uses MAXIMUM STRENGTH 70% Ethyl Alcohol.